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About Us

Happy Camper

My journey in custom woodworking really took off in 2015 when my wife and I moved from Anchorage, AK to Marysville, WA. I decided to spend 6 months as a stay at home dad with my two beautiful children. Six months turned into a year and now we're finishing year five of this experiment. While being a stay at home dad, I needed to find something that would refresh and renew me after spending the day with a 6 and 8 year old!

It was during this time with my kids that we decided it was time to start our family camping tradition, just as my wife and I did growing up. We searched for the perfect camper and came across a 1969 Kit Companion that was torn apart and ready for a rebuild! I spent every weekend for six months turning piles of scrap wood into this beautifully restored home-on-wheels. With that much time spent in the woodshop, I was hooked. Since the completion of the camper, I have spent more and more time creating whatever I can from wood. Anything from lathe turned pens, 2x4 toys, rustic end tables, picnic tables, simple decking, headboards, to wall art and more. And now I want to create for you! With the values of reusing, repurposing and caring for our environment, let me help turn your house into a home with affordable, custom furniture to fit your specific needs.

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